a  r  t  i  s  t      s  h  a  n  n  o  n      c  l  a  m  p      a  l  i  g 


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"Art is my life, my joy, and my gift."

"Many of my pieces are created from visions and images pulled from my memory. My art can be described as Expressionistic in its style and I am constantly being inspired by the world around me."

"My career as an interior designer has influenced my art, but my work as a lighting designer has had the greatest effect. Working closely in the lighting of so many incredible pieces of art, I was inspired to look at my own art in a different way. I began experimenting with physical texture, how it reacts to the light, and the response it evokes from the viewer. It was then my paintings took on a new depth and dimension. This unique combination of color and texture can be seen in my landscape, still-life, and abstract pieces."



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